Xi (Walson) Wang


With over 15 years of experience in management roles, Mr. Wang has developed a wide skill set which includes overseeing business operations, negotiating with vendors, developing lasting business relationships, and achieving sales and revenue goals.  Mr. Wang has been the President of It Asset Partners Inc. (“ITAP”) since 2013. As President of ITAP, Mr. Wang designed a custom enterprise resource planning (“ERP”) system, which helped to improve the flexibility and efficiency of operation. In addition, Walson led the cloud server management team and played a vital role in forging relationships and obtaining contracts with Lenovo, Nintendo, Acer, Avnet, Sprint and Time Warner Cable.

James Haft


Mr. Haft is an Entrepreneur and Merchant Banker with broad experience in all aspects of forming, managing, advising, fundraising, and business development of entrepreneur-powered businesses, including business strategy and M&A. Since 1987, Mr. Haft has been an advisor to over 30 internet and 100 technology related domestic and cross border transactions consumated in the United States, Asia, Latin America and European markets, including the first listing of a Chinese company onthe NYSE and the sale of the largest Spanish language advertising network to Fox (News Corp.).

More recently, Mr. Haft has focussed exclusively on business relying upon distributed ledger technologies.  Mr. Haft's companies have also advised over a dozen executed or contemplated ICOs.